Road Map

For our guests in need, transportation service is provided from Seyitgazi to Midas Han.

Çukurca from Eskişehir 70 km

Çukurca from İstanbul 394 km

Çukurca from Ankara 230 km

Çukurca from İzmir 405 km

Çukurca from Afyon 75 km


  • By Plane

In order to come to Midas Han from another country, you can reach Eskişehir by high-speed train from Ankara or İstanbul Airports. There are regular bus services from Eskişehir to Seyitgazi (45 km). Transportation service is provided from Seyitgazi to Midas Han.

  • From İstanbul With Your Own Car

When you come to Eskişehir from Istanbul, continue on the Kütahya road and enter the Seyitgazi – Afyon road. After 3 km from Seyitgazi, follow the Yazılıkaya and Çukurca signs on the left and reach the village after 24 km.

  • From Ankara With Your Own Car

When you follow the Eskişehir Road from Ankara, you can reach Midas – Yazılıkaya in the direction of Sivrihisar, Kaymaz, Çifteler. When you turn right, Çukurca Village will come after 4km.

  • From İzmir With Your Own Car

Follow the Afyon road from İzmir and continue in the direction of Eskişehir. After Gökbahçe Village, turn right on the Kümbet road and reach Midas Yazılıkaya after Yapıldak and Oynaş. By following the Çukurca Village sign on the left, you will arrive at Midas Han after 4 km.