Midas Han Boutique Hotel and Campground

The Midas Han is a multifunctional complex; it has guestrooms to stay in and a large camping site for tents. There is dinner service with full meals for the hotel and campsite residents. The Midas Han can be used as a base to start daytrips in the surrounding and return to comfort in the evening. It can also be the starting point for a week long hike through the ‘mysterious landscape of the Phrygian Highlands’ or to walk sections of the Phrygia Way. These long trips take place under the guidance of a Midas Han staff member to ensure not to be lost in space and give if needed touristic or if needed; basic medical assistance.

The Midas Han facility consists of the guestrooms 1-3, these are located in a local old farmhouse type of buildings that have been altered to make life of the guests more pleasant and comfortable. The old houses have rooms that were not interconnected and to move from one room to the other one had to go out on the narrow veranda. There was no running water and the toilet was in an ‘outhouse’ in the garden. The houses have been restored and altered: each room has now a spacious bathroom with a European ‘sitting’ toilet and a shower with hot and cold water. The original soil floors have been changed to tasteful tiles. The old atmosphere is preserved in the plastered walls and the wooden beds. In winter the rooms have an old style stove that burns on wood. The veranda was widened to a now two meter wide ‘ place of relaxation’ with plastered benches with pillows and a great view towards the rock tomb group of Gerdek and the high mountains behind them.

The guestrooms 4-8, these rooms are located above the salon and kitchen of the large new building. There are rooms for 3 or 4 persons. Some rooms have single beds others a double bed and one or two singles. Those rooms are ideal for a family with children. All rooms have their own shower and toilet. In front of the room is a balcony where one can sit and have a great view of the landscape and in the evening a nice sunset. The camping, this is a large field surrounded by a high stone wall with open views towards the fields and mountains. It has a horizontal flat ‘grass on soil’ surface to ensure comfortable camping in small hiking tents and in large family tents. There is on this field no place for campers or caravans. However next to the property is a large open space where they can stay the night while using Midashan’s facilities. These is the toilet and shower block with hot and cold water. The camping is open from April till November.

At the Han small dishes can be ordered. We have also in the weekends a Brunch service between 09.00 and 14.00 (reservations are required). The residents of the hotel or camping have the option to have dinner (if announced ahead of arrival). Hotel prices include breakfast. It is not allowed to bring own food and beverages into the hotel section. The dining and sitting room, is furnished in a way to give an impression of the old traditional way the Turks lived and worked. Old tools and objects are on display, two fireplaces will attribute to the warm atmosphere during cool or cold nights. Camping room has 3 beds. Maximum 3 people can stay here. This room is a good option during bad weather, when you don’t want to set up a tent. Activities can take place; such as bread baking in a traditional stone and clay made oven, weaving, pottery making, yoga, painting and photography.

The Phrygian landscape is one of valleys between low mountains and hills. The Anatolian Plateau has already an average altitude of about 1000 meter high and most of the Phrygian highlands are between 200 till 1600 meter. This makes that the nights are most of the time cool in summer and very cold in winter. There is a geographic similarity between this area and Cappadocia, both landscapes are volcanic and carving dwellings and churches out of the rock is relatively easy. However the density of Cappadocian monuments is very high while in Phrygia the monuments are often single and spread out. Tourists come to this area usually by tour-bus from a large town, visit some sites and return the same day. Reason is the total lack of facilities in the area. There are no places to stay and almost no places to eat or drink something, unlike the many opportunities one can find in Cappadocia. The Midas Han tries to fill this gap.


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